2012 Concert Memories

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As I look back on 2012 there are many things that can be remembered. When I think of concerts I went to in 2012 many stand out to me. Whether it was Pierce the Veil and Sleeping with Sirens where I fainted and the horrid security could not get me out, or the endless amount of Sparks The Rescue shows I went to .

As an Avid concert goer I will go through some that stick out the most to me.

Odd Future: For someone like me going to a rap concert was odd. The crowd was just as bad and it was very high energy. The difference between this concert and many others? This concert had way more weed.

odd future

Sleeping with Sirens/Pierce The Veil: Of course the concert I fainted at. Sleeping With Sirens and Pierce The Veil rocked it on stage. The 8 hour wait for the concert was worth it. Except for all the fan girls that kept telling me how they were going to get with the lead singer.

Sparks The Rescue: Sparks the Rescue never disappoints. They always put on a show, whether it is with mic swinging or just sitting on the edge of the stage with fans for an acoustic session. they always take time after their shows to connect with their fans.

sparks the alex

2013 has much to compete with concert wise. With concerts such as Pierce The Veil and All Time Low, A Day To Remember and Of Mice and Men, it could be a dead sweep.


Meeting A Band

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Meeting a band: For some people this could be like they saw Jesus. When you meet a band member, you need to be calm.
1. When you aren’t calm you could end up being the person that a band member sub tweets because they started to freak out.
2.Yes it’s ok to maybe cry, this band could have saved your life. But, when you start to hyperventilate, there is a problem.

3. One thing to remember when meeting band is that you have to keep calm. They are normal people. They put their pants on one leg at a time like everyone else.
4. Most band members don’t want to know about how they will be the father of your child. So when you meet them, be sure to leave that part out.

5. Don’t only be about pictures, talk to them, have a conversation. Those moments will be more memorable than the picture.

Don’t do everything above and your experience will be great

Don’t Be That Kid

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“That Kid”  Everyone knows that kids. The kid who decides that they day of the concert they want to visit their friend Molly. No, not the Molly that is in your Chemistry class with the pig tails. The Molly that comes in the form of a pill and can mess you up for the night.


You might think “There is a whole bunch of people, me being messed up won’t effect anyone” but when you are on the sidewalk, foaming from the mouth, it causes concern. Some might say “Don’t be a dumb ass that won’t happen” But my friends, I have seen it happen.

When I saw Of Mice and Men, there was a boy, about 16, on the sidewalk foaming from the mouth in 20 degree weather. He was taking away on a stretcher.  The only thing that could have caused that is 7 days without water in the desert. He admitted it.

That moment was one I will remember. So, don’t be that kid that everyone remembers. Don’t be that kid that gets messed up at a concert.

You Inspire Me

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Many bands try to inspire their fans, with either their song lyrics or just quotes. These can inspire you to go out to live life, to boost your self confidence, or just to not end your life.

“It gets better. It always gets better. Life will never put you through more than you can handle.”

-Austin Carlile, Of Mice And Men

“Wrists are for bracelets, not cutting”

-Kellin Quinn, Sleeping With Sirens

“I want you to pinky promise me you won’t do it, No fan of mine will ever kill themselves, do it for me. I love you”

-Alex Gaskarth, All Time Low

“We want you to live. We want to save your lives. You saved ours. We never want to let a single thing hurt any of you.”

– Gerard Way, My Chemical Romance

“Beauty is not judge by the size of your jeans”

– Jack Barakat, All Time Low

“I kissed the scars on her skin, I still think you’re beautiful”

-Pierce the Veil

Next time you decide to call you daughter favorite band “Emo” remember, they could be the reason she is still alive.

How To Survive A Rock Concert

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How to survive a rock concert

The light turn on, the heat is getting to you. Your tight shirt is clinging even tighter to you because all the sweat, both yours and everyone elses. There is a mosh pit opening up behind you, and you see people jumping around. This is an experience you have never been through before. You don’t know how to handle it. This is, a rock concert.

As a regular concert go-er (going to more concerts than years I have been alive), I feel it is my duty to pass the knowledge. The knowledge, of how to survive a concert. So, maybe, next time, you will be more prepared and you can help others prepare as well.

Step one: Know the concert

There is different preparation for different types of concerts. The same steps won’t be needed for a Justin Bieber concert compared to a We Came As Romans concert. For a Justin Bieber concert no prep is needed except to train your eardrums for 1000s of girls screaming to their “Future Husband”.  My experiences are in rock concerts, So here is what to do.

Step Two: Picking clothing

Most people don’t sweat this but as a new comer you will have to deal with the “What should I wear?” I can answer this in one word.
Comfort. Don’t wear the tightest top you have to attract the opposite sex, wear a shirt that you can allow you to move around at anytime. When picking pants, most pick the tightest pair they have, to try to emphasize your butt, that is a mistake. Nothing gets more uncomfortable than being crowded by 700 people, sweating all over you, and your pants making it so you can barely move. NEVER wear a dress!  When it comes to shoes, close toed is always the answer if you plan to get in the crowd. If you wear flip flops and complain in a crowd, you my friend, get no sympathy from me. Use your head and save your toes.

Step 3: Packing a bag:

There are very few things that you would need to bring to a concert. All of these important objects should be in a linch string bag.  These items include

Tickets: This is the most important. No ticket= no entrance to the concert

Extra clothes: You never know how sweaty you will get, you want to be comfortable going. These can be left in the car

Money: Enough to buy merch and a pay phone if it is needed. This should be in your sock, not your bag.

Deodorant: you will smell after a concert. Bring deodorant to pep up those pits.

Camera: A Camera, Whether it be phone, or digital, be sure it can be broken, because you never know what will happen.

Water: Some venues allow sealed water bottles, but if they don’t, hydrate before the concert.

Step 4: Eating
I dont care how much money you want to save, eat before the concert. You might want to look your finest for potential mates at the concert, but do you know what isn’t hot? Fainting and being sent home early. If you are caught in the crowd, it gets hot, and fainting is a possibility. A full stomach when you get into the concert is a great idea.

Step 5: Arrivial
When you arrive, go straight to the line. It is best to get there early to ensure a good spot in the crowd. To make the time pass, make some friends in the line, This could help you when in the crowd, or even at another concert, they might be there and lets you skip them . Keep your cool. You can talk about your excitement, but don’t let your true fan girl shine through.

Step 6: Entering:
When entering, try to find the nearest bathroom, because when you are upfront, you bladder will be pushed. The crowd won’t let you back into your spot if you get out. Make friends in the crowd, preferably the taller ones, to protect you from crowd surfers. Save the merch til after your favorite band plays, the booths will be a lot less crowded than before or after the show.

Step 7: The Show
Remember! These people will never see you again, you sing your heart out to all the songs and then let the fan girl come out, scream your love for the bands. Men! Protect the ladies! Ladies: Protect the younger girls. These people are not your enemies, help someone out if people crowd surf on them. If they can’t breath, scream for a security guard to get them out.

Crowd Surfing: Before you enter, measure the crowd. A 400 pound man should not crowd surf over 400 14 year old girls. If you are in the crowd and a see 50 guys surrounding you, you get on that crowd and surf your way out. Be prepared to get groped, dropped and yelled at, because ⅓ of those things will happen.

Moshing: These are two different things, but both you need to be cautious of. Moshing is not about hurting people, so don’t go around throwing fists. If someone falls down, help them up. If someone is bleeding, make sure they are ok. Don’t be a dick.

Meeting the bands: Be cool when you meet them. Don’t scream, but it is ok to cry. If they have impacted your life, they appreciate letting them know. Don’t inform them about the fact that you will marry them, or that you want them to father their children , just get a picture and autograph and hang out with them. Who knows, you might even get a tweet out of it.

These are the tips to help you survive, it is better to be over prepared than die at a concert.

Female Fronted Bands

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Although female fronted bands has been around for as long as music has been around, it seems that these days they are more accept. We could focus on way back, but that’s not what this is about. Lets think more toward now.

I can’t speak for many genres of music but I can speak for the alternative, punk pop group.

When people think female fronted bands, one big name comes to mind. Paramore.  Little Miss Hayley Williams, the spunky red head who bops around on stage. She has made way for bands such as VersaEmerge,  Pretty Reckless, We Are The In Crowd.

Then there is the screamers. Screaming has primarily been a job that men do, but Krysta Cameron has changed that. The spunky screamer from Iwrestledabearonce. Known for leaving it all on the stage, she lets the boys know she is here to stay.

Female fronted bands are definitely taking the music scene by storm. The question is, will they be seen as one of the guys, or just a symbol to why the band has so many fans.

Sleeping with Sirens saved my life. Literally

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If you ever say Sleeping with Sirens doesn’t care about their fans I will fight you. I saw them November 2nd in Worchester, MA.
 I was passed out in the crowd and Kellin, Jack and Justin had to inform security. Justin had stopped playing and Kellin stopped singing and were hitting the security guards because they did not even notice me.  I was in second row and security didn’t help me any.
When I actually fainted after being pulled out they (Kellin, Justin and Jack) came outside to make sure I was alright. Kellin informed me that he almost stopped the show, and according to everyone that was around me, that was true.
When a band almost stops their set to make sure you’re ok, because security can’t do their job, you know they love their fans. So if you have anything bad to say about them, you can kindly take a seat.